2021 Kart Rules- Action Park East


Helmets, Gloves, Jacket, Neck Brace required for all classes. Helmet Must be Snell SA2015 Approved

Open Slick Tire Rule for all regular kart classes

“Box Stock” means the engine must be entirely as manufactured. No internal modifications, with exception of carburetor jet. Must use stock, unaltered air filter, air box, muffler. May disconnect sensors. May use remote shut off switch. Pull start must remain intact.

Jr 1-

  • Age 5-8
  • Box Stock Predator 212 Engine With Red Plate
  • Max Torque Clutch
  • 250# Minimum weight
  • Body Required
  • Jr 2-

  • Age 9-11
  • Box Stock Predator 212 Engine With Purple Plate
  • Max Torque Clutch
  • 280# Minimum weight
  • Body Required
  • Jr 3-

  • Age 12-15
  • Box Stock Predator 212 Engine with Blue Plate
  • Max Torque Clutch
  • 310# Minimum weight
  • Body required
  • Stock Heavy

    • AKRA Clone rules- 360#
    • WKA Flathead 350#
    • WKA Animal- Black Plate- 375#
    • Xtreme Budget Predators-

    Novice- No Prior adult kart wins, or championships in other race classes

    Pro- Anyone with prior kart wins or championships in other race classes. Novice eligible drivers may move up to pro, but will not be allowed to drop back

    • Chassis must be 15 years old or non adjustable.
    • No Nose pieces, number panels on front and rear. Side panels may reach from tire to tire. 8” Maximum height at front, 12” maximum height at rear.
    • No Ceramic bearings
    • No Titanium
    • Brake Rotors must be steel
    • Box stock 212 Predator. Stock out of the box.
    • Tires: open slick tires . No treaded tires.
    • Clutch: Max torque 12tooth. Rear gear 56-59. If Kart and driver weigh over 400, may run up to 61
    • Weight is 370Lbs.
    • All safety is still Mandatory on the karts, safety pins, wired bolts, double nuts. Be safe.
    • Claimer rule on engine $125. That is engine not including throttle linkage or clutch guard.

    Engine rules clarification-

    1. Engine must be ran out of the box
    2. Governor must be connected -5600 RPM Max
    3. Air filter and sock must be installed per factory
    4. Engine must have a keyway as installed by factory on the flywheel

    Any engine may be claimed by a racer in the field and on the lead lap after qualifying or feature

    Claim Price-$125. Engine may be raced by claimed driver in the feature if claimed after heat.